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Thinking Ahead to Stay Ahead

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Thinking Ahead To Stay Ahead

Andalusia Health is a regional integrated healthcare provider and developer with 35+ years track record in the Middle East. With resilient revenues and stable gross margins supported by economies of scale with defined strategy, Andalusia continues to evaluate opportunities, leverages a growing footprint and penetrates new segments of the population to expand across the continuum of care and focusing on delivering quality value-based clinical care in Egypt and KSA.

Andalusia Investment Proposition

1. Operational and Business Model Excellence /Diversification and scale of business model - Business Process Innovation - Human capital and careers investment - Centers of Excellence - Automation and Digital transformation - Best In-class branding and Communication. - Best In-class regional Outreach programs - Assets management - International accreditation and affiliations. 2. Patient Centric - Patient Journey - Smart Hospital and Facilities - Continuity of Care programs - Healing Care environment 3. Strong Management Team - Matrix organization and centralized strategy management - Wealth of knowledge and Diverse industry experiences. 4. Attractive market: - Growing Demands o Aging population with a rise in chronic diseases. o Underdeveloped healthcare sector compared to global benchmarks & population growth o Demand for quality healthcare services. - Strong historical growth in the last 15 years. 5. Ambitious Plans with Clear Roadmap To Growth - Acquisitions, Brownfield and Greenfield Expansion plans till 2030 - Major Saudi & Egyptian Cities and regions footprint - 3.5 times growth

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