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Andalusia Health stands as a prominent regional force in the healthcare sector, boasting a 40+ year legacy as an integrated healthcare provider and developer in the Middle East. Guided by a spirit of entrepreneurship, Andalusia has consistently pursued steady yet ambitious expansion plans, shaping a diversified portfolio of healthcare service entities, encompassing the entire Healthcare cycle from Ideation to implementation. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Darweesh Zagzoug, Andalusia has embarked on a journey marked by entrepreneurship, unwavering dedication, and a resolute commitment to growth. This amalgamation of virtues has resulted in a harmonious trajectory for the organization.

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Our business activities currently include the Andalusia Health, two very...

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Leading healthcare organizations in Middle East to drive transformation,...

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Influenced by the Andalusian Islamic Era, Andalusia Health was founded upon the principles of modern civilization and the noble ideals of establishing a healthcare system that serves as a cornerstone in the advancement and prosperity of nations. The Andalusian Islamic Era, emblematic of commitment and perseverance in realizing aspirations, serves as inspiration for Andalusia Health today. The organization assumes the responsibility for advancing and enhancing health services in the contemporary era, aligning itself with the historical legacy of Andalusian resilience and progress.

د. درويش زقزوق

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We aim to vast our medical healthcare investments for increasing medical-services units and services and providing them with the latest tools and equipment to improve our clients' health.

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