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Vision, Mission and Values

our vision

Leading healthcare organizations in Middle East to drive transformation, innovation and clinical excellence in care delivery


Bring Luxurious experience to our patient through Smart journey during providing Personalized Premium treatment care program in our Superior facilities with latest Innovation technology at every opportunity and educate them on how to manage their life.

Core Values

Fast learning and continual self-improvement ​​​​​​​


Fast learning and continual self-improvement ​​​​​​​

Learning should be a non-stop journey. We learn, unlearn and relearn and this process of improvement does not happen overnight; it’s a round trip full of practicing and continuity.



Innovation in everything we do

Innovation is the secret of excellence. It isn’t exclusive to technology; it is our creative and simple way to solve problems and create new opportunities in all aspects.

Addressing challenges and risks


Ownership is both a responsibility and an opportunity

We don’t believe in the “cogs-in-a-machine” mentality. Everyone in the company is sharing the same future. We own the company and the brand, and this is a big responsibility and also an opportunity for everyone to have an impact on the future we create for ourselves and our community.

Heroic Customer Service


Heroic Customer Service

We hire Heroes and nothing less because we believe that our customers deserve to get the best service. Our Patient Experience and Heroes’ Engagement departments define, identify, and award heroes: both current and alumni.

Delegation, accountability, with no compromise


Delegation, accountability, with no compromise

We appreciate outcome and achievement; encourage honest effort and smart work and accept unintended mistakes. We believe that people make mistakes, but our people don’t repeat the same mistake twice. We either achieve or try again; we do not turn excuses into habits.

Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company


Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company

We mark excellence in our work, for our company, our patients, and our heroes. We do not negotiate on excellence in our services.

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Overcoming adversity to build character

You can’t build a strong character without going through adversities. When times are good, we achieve and prosper. When times are tough, we learn and grow.

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Tackling huge challenges and risks

Comfortable choices prevent you from losing, but also stand in the way of winning. Fear never stops us; we take challenges and risks heads on.