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Strategic Objectives:

Over more than 25 years of history, Andalusia has responded to the rapid change in the healthcare industry with strong leading innovative products and services provided to physicians and other professionals, patients and their families and to our customers. We have built our portfolio under a structure based on product and service expertise as well as innovative technology

  • Increasing brand awareness, strength, and commercial value.
  • Creating accredited internal business processes.
  • Creating innovative business models that support our vision.
  • Developing highly qualified human resources.
  • Fostering the improvement of social skills within the organization through effective internal and external updated communication.
  • Retaining our customers by creating higher value for customers and maintaining our leading position in the healthcare industry.
  • Strengthening the competitiveness and viability of Andalusia through continuous focused research and development, effective knowledge transfer and delivery of state-of-the-art innovative solutions.

Corporate Strategy:

Our strong commitment to innovation has been the driving factor in our strategy. From the beginning and throughout our 25 year history, we have continually re-invented ourselves and our products to better serve our customers, opting to lead the change in our region rather wait for change and react to it. Our embrace of the latest technology and our deep know-how of the healthcare industry have enabled us to provide the innovative products in healthcare while emphasizing both the "health" and the "care" in healthcare. This clear and dynamic strategy was and still is the main driver of our growth and prosperity.

Our portfolio optimizes the overall activities in the healthcare industry to create a synergistic bundle of products and services. That’s why Andalusia covers three major categories at various stages of the value chain:

  • Producers (product manufacturers).
  • Purchasers (group purchasing organizations and wholesalers/distributors).
  • Healthcare providers (hospital systems and integrated delivery networks).

Andalusia portfolio includes:

  • Healthcare providing business units: (ASH, HJH, Al Nakheel Hospital, Jeddah Dental Center, Andalusia polyclinic, Le Chateau Dental Center)
  • Supportive healthcare business solution organizations: (Andalusia Healthcare Business Solution, Andalusia Pharmaceutical Services, Andalusia Techno-medical Services, Blue Ocean Advertising Solutions, Andalusia Careers, Andalusia Advertising Services, Andalusia Professional Networks).

Andalusia’s supportive healthcare business solutions provide their services not only to Andalusia business units, but also to the whole healthcare industry in the region.

Corporate Governance:

Andalusia is a limited liability company operating under corporate governance principles guided by the OECD principles of corporate governance of 2004. The Board of Directors and the executive office handle all the operations of the Group. All buisness processes occuring within each unit of the group is monitored, audited and developed by the executive office. Moreover, each business unit has its own executive committee and Board of Directors in compliance to the mandates of the legal and operational requirements.