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Our board of directors is composed of highly committed professionals whose vision and strategy has lead to our continual growth. The board of directors consists of two executive members (the chairman & the deputy chairman) and three non-executive members from outside the group. The board assembles regularly to monitor the performance of the group and approve strategic initiatives.

Dr. Darweesh Mustafa Zagzoug


Dr. Darweesh Zagzoug is the Chairman of the board and founder of Andalusia Group. He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Philips University, Germany, 1969 and was one of the pioneer dental specialists in the KSA. During his career he has held various pivotal positions in different organizations; he was the Head of Dental Department in MOH till 1980, and he established and managed Jeddah National Hospital till 1986. Currently Dr. Darweesh is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the group and he has over four decades of experience in the field of medicine.

Dr. Hazem Darweesh Zagzoug

Deputy Chairman & CEO

Dr. Hazem is the Deputy Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Group. Dr. Zagzoug holds a bachelor's degree in Medicine from King Abdul Aziz University. He holds an MBA from Glasgow Caledonian University, UK and he is currently finishing his Ph.D. on “Healthcare Informatics in Developing Countries” at St. Andrews University, UK. Dr. Zagzoug is a member of the American College of Physician Executives in the US as well as the Vice President of the Health Committee in the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Zagzoug is the second generation family member to share in managing Andalusia Group.

Prof. Dr. Sadaka Fadel

Board Member

Prof. Dr. Fadel holds a bachelor degree in Economics and political Sciences from King Soad University, KSA. He joined Claremont University, California, USA and earned a PhD degree in political Sciences in 1983 to be the third Saudi citizen to achieve this degree and to become a professor in this field. He is a member of Saudi Shura Counsil and has been choosen as the head of the External Affairs committee in the counsil. He has several books and publications in the political field.

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zalabany

Board Member

Prof. Dr. Zalabany graduated from the faculty of Medicine from Alexandria university, Egypt. He holds a master and PhD degrees in Pediatrics from Alexandria University, Egypt. He worked as a professor of pediatrics and held manay managerial positions such as the General Manager of the Shatby University Hospital. In 2009, he was appointed as the Dean of the faculty of Medicine in Alexandria University, Egypt. Prof. Dr. Zalabany is a prominent pediatrician practicing in Andalusia Al Shallalat Hospital in Alexandria, Egypt.

Dr. Adnan Abdullah Al-Mazroua

Board Member

Dr. Almazroua holds a Bachelor Degree in Medicine from Cairo University, Egypt. He is a member of the Royal College of Anesthetists in Dublin-Ireland. In 2006, he was appointed as the Dean of Faculty of Medicine in king Abdul Aziz University, KSA. He is a member as well of the Anesthetists Association of Great Britain and Ireland. He is also a member of the American college of Physician Executives, USA and a Founding member of the Arab bond for Hospital Management.