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by Dr. Hazem Darweesh Zagzoug   Posted on February 17, 2014

WHAT the future of health care looks like? Your genomic profile is updated with the latest world disease map, on a giant online database that is accessible from any hospital or doctor’s clinic in the world.

Your personal medical history, test results, diagnostics films, heart rhythm recording, are all stored and analyzed by a super computer that hosts billions of images, sound files and diagnostic films to precisely diagnose your condition and provide your health care provider with the latest personalized drug combinations that suites not only your disease but your genomic profile as well. Your lifestyle is monitored by a small implant under your skin, which is connected to your lifestyle database, which in turn sends updates to your doctor with any added or increasing risk factors that might warrants genomics modifications therapy to avoid acquiring a disease.

No more high or low blood pressure, no more high or low glucose levels. Your hemodynamic parameters are always monitored and in the normal range.

Next visit at the doctor’s office, you are not required to visit the doctor in person, rather a small robotic chair that is placed in many service points around town, in shopping malls for example, are ready to scan all your physical signs and sends them to a remote location where the doctor is discussing your next health regimen with you over a two way communication device that with the diagnostic chair can give him a full picture of your current status. Your health regimen is a combination of organic food and herbs that are combined to match your risk factors and lifestyle. Chemical medicines are part of the past, and their effects are produced through a sophisticated combination of herbs and organic foods ingredients that you take regularly.

What is not solved by this regimen is avoided or treated by your genomic modification therapy that you receive regularly to handle any variation that might increase your risk to a disease or better off your any mutation that might happen.

Infrared cameras monitor your mood; essential oil dispensers are present in your home, car and office to produce the right scent for the right mood. A relaxing scent is automatically selected at bedtime, and an energizing scent is sprayed at wake up time. I won’t tell you, which scent it will spray when you are talking to your wife; actually that depends on some unpredictable factors! But the computer will get it right.

In accidents or traumas, you are hurried to a hospital, where a set of artificial smart body parts is waiting for you, when you arrive to get your damaged organs replaced. Surgeries are performed by robots with no blood loss, no mistake and without forgetting small surgical items inside your body. Surgery is performed very fast, you take a very short dose of herbal anesthesia to sedate you and balance your natural brain chemicals that have been affected by the accidents, and caused anxiety or negative feelings. You will walk away minutes after the surgery, without the need for rehabilitation for your lungs or muscles; a special robot was preparing them for the new inserted smart part with an appropriate exercises and massage during surgery.

Your health is perfect, you live longer, happier, prettier and more productive, but a simple question arises. Will this dream health care be available to everyone?

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