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Medical insurance system needs revamp

by Dr. Hazem Darweesh Zagzoug   Posted On February 10, 2014

A prominent medical executive has emphasized the need to revamp the Kingdom’s medical insurance system for the benefit of patients, health services and insurance providers.

“Current health care insurance practices disappoint everybody, including patients and doctors. Even insurance companies are not happy, as they are unable to make profits,” said Hazem Zagzoug, CEO of Andalusia Medical Services Group.

There are no winners in the current price war between insurance companies, he said.

In an interview with Arab News, he said the present system puts considerable pressure on patients, as well as health care providers. “Perhaps the insurance system, with the way it is implemented now, is not meant for us.”

The scheme should be Read More

A doctor’s vision for the future of health care

by Dr. Hazem Darweesh Zagzoug   Posted On February 17, 2014

WHAT the future of health care looks like? Your genomic profile is updated with the latest world disease map, on a giant online database that is accessible from any hospital or doctor’s clinic in the world.

Your personal medical history, test results, diagnostics films, heart rhythm recording, are all stored and analyzed by a super computer that hosts billions of images, sound files and diagnostic films to precisely diagnose your condition and provide your health care provider with the latest personalized drug combinations that suites not only your disease but your genomic profile as well. Your lifestyle is monitored by a small implant under your skin, which is connected to your lifestyle database, which in turn sends updates to your doctor with any added or Read More