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Tourism in Egypt is an exceptional experience. With something to watch in every city; Egypt has been always the cynosure of the tourists all over the world since hundreds of years for who choose to enjoy the weather while getting in touch with history, civilization, entertainment and even natural wellness locations.

The Medical Tourism sector has been developed in Andalusia Group to expand and dedicate our high standard medical services internationally. We believe in the fair rights of every person to find his/her medical assistance disregarding borders and spaces. We understand the special needs of our patients who seek cure abroad and hence; we save no effort to provide our customers and patients the full care and support through a comprehensive package of integrated services that guarantee for the patient – since the moment of choosing to enjoy our services - an overwhelming experience of medical care and hospitality on equal terms.

Just send us your medical reports and travel requirements and let our highly trained team to aid since planning your journey, bookings, transportation and accommodation. Once you arrive at Egypt; a dedicated team will guarantee your comfort while facilitating all your requirements until you get full cured and even during your journey back.

You are always welcome to contact us anytime for inquiries, requests and services.

You are welcome to choose any of our hospitals that cover both Cairo and Alexandria (three hospitals):


We provide the highest quality of products and services to medical tourism industry in the Middle East to serve the patients worldwide, enabling them to maximize their potential in operations and enhance reimbursement. We provide specific industrial knowledge, well trained human resources, leadership, software tools and quality practices governed by international standards. Our solutions exemplify dedication and teamwork by consistently exceeding our customer expectations. We are leaders as we depend on the experience of highly trained professionals and on our commitment to the standard of excellence.


We strive to become the benchmark for Medical tourism Industry in the Middle East.


  • Desire to become leaders in our industry.
  • Empowerment of our employees and our clients to achieve long lasting health.
  • Respect of and appreciation for the diversity of our clients and employees.
  • Mental, emotional, spiritual, & physical reinforcement is an integrated part in our medical vision of health.
  • Responsibility and reliability are cornerstones in our quest for the goodwill of our clients.
  • Rational organization that is our spinal cord.
  • Continuous learning and innovation are the main drivers behind continual improvement.


“Your service is our Passion”. At the Medical Tourism Sector; we continuously develop our comprehensive services package to meet and exceed the expectations of the patients seeking medical care in Egypt. We will facilitate all the requirements you might need to get the required health care. From airline booking, accommodation, transportation to medical consultation and even wellness and normal tourism, are all our responsibility and passion.

Medical Tourism Team:

Dr. AbdElAziz Eid

International Medical Tourism Manager

EGY.: 0020123107107

KSA.: 00966504136039

Ms.Nada Abdelfattah

International Medical Tourism Supervisor